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Used: The beginner’s guide to build a visual brand identity

Visual brand identity is an important factor that can’t be ignored either for a startup or for a existing business. Today as only survival of the fittest is the situation, you can’t expect to get great results with old traditional techniques. People only remember companies that are attractive and convey the message easily through visual branding.

1. Define your audience:

Every step would be a waste if you have not identified your audience. Defining your                                                      audience gives a direction to all your visual branding efforts. You can specify your audience on gender, age, interests and many more. This information will help you represent your brand more easily.

If you find it difficult, go to the social media profile of competitors. Check who are interacting     with them, who are their customers and many more details that help you to get started.


2. Analyze for visualization of your brand:

This is one crucial step because it acts as a bridge between audience and the website without any face to face conversation. Not every company can express their personality without having any human intervention. Here is where visual branding helps your audience to understand about the company. Decide what kind of brand visualization are you looking for! Use visuals that not only define you but your brand values. For instance if you are a funky and a upbeat brand, choose colors that are bright and vibrant and coneys the same vibe. Similarly if you are a formal company, go for dark shades says Prince Kapoor


3. Don’t get confused about logo and your visiting cards

Logos must be designed in a well researched manner. Company logo describes a lot about itself. It is a face to your physical identity and grabs a lot of attention of users.

Having a professional logo is important but spending too much of your money and time is also not required. You just need to keep a check on things like

a) You choose color palette that is in sync with your core brand message and target audience
b) Applying to much of design can be overwhelming, go for something simple and elegant
c) Don’t use generic design ideas, instead try something unique that makes your brand stand out.

Visiting cards on the other hand is a great way to give out the quick details about your brand that remains with your potential customers even when not with you. Spending too much on visiting card and logo is not a very good idea especially, for startups. There are various free graphic-designing tools that helps to make logo and visiting card without any designing knowledge. Canva is one of the best tools available for designing.

4. Never overlook social media

Social media helps you to be in touch with your customers. This medium helps to convey brand message to the target audience. Sharing interesting visuals regularly through social media channels helps your audience to stay connected with you. Many times people underestimate the power of social media. It won’t be wrong to say that social media reach is expanding everyday and will soon be the next big thing. Exposure to such vast audience helps to increase the visibility leading to more customer engagement.

5. Choosing right typography

Visual designing is not only about visuals but also about the message you convey through words. A lot depends upon typography as the appearance and style of words helps as a part of online identity. Many people are not aware of the fact that typography sure has impact on human psychology. Choose typography that builds trust amongst your audience and is neat.

Visual brand identity plays a major role in making a desired brand image. Presenting your business to audience by making required efforts is important. I hope these tips helped you to understand importance of visual branding identity and do it efficiently. In case of any query do let us know through the comment section below.


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