Opencart or Prestashop

Which is easier to develop/ customize, Opencart or Prestashop?

When it comes to making a strong online presence, the website plays a crucial role in it. It is like a salesperson who is marketing your product or service 24*7. So, having an impressive online presence is imperative for every company. If you wish to create an online portal and are looking for online e-commerce website development, then you will find myriads of options available. Some of them include names like Opencart, WooCommerece, Prestashop, Magento, etc. Each of these platforms has their own sets of benefits. So, you must choose wisely taking into consideration your requirements and your goal. Here I will be focusing on Prestashop and Opencart, the two popular online portals, but which one is the best for you? The answer to this question will be explained ahead.

Which is easier: Opencart or Prestashop?

Well, if you look at the online preferences, both these platforms comes with their own sets of pros and cons, but if you compare on the basis of ease of usage and development, Opencart is preferred over Prestashop. There are other benefits that it Opencart has to offer which, here are a few of them :

  1. Ease of usage– Well for any e-commerce website development, the first thing to take into consideration is how easy is the platform to develop and how well a novice can use it. When compared with Prestashop, then Opencart is easier to use. It comes with a user-friendly administrative dashboard.
  2. Editing is easy- Well there are times when you may need to make some editing or changes on your portal, Opencart is easy to use and operate. With the basic knowledge of PHP, MySQL and HTML with CSS, you can easily edit Opencart.
  3. It comes with many extensions and modules– With Opencart as your platform, there is no need for you to develop your module. You can find myriads of Opencart modules, some of which comes for free while there are others that come at a cost. But that too is not so high. So, it becomes a budget-friendly e-commerce website development platform.
  4. Ready-to-use templates started – Well if you have recently started off your business and you don’t have enough money to be spent on Opencart template development, Opencart is the best choice. It comes with the ready-to-use template. All you need to do is feed data and execute.
  5. Multi-Store mode– The Multi-store mode of Opencart allows you to manage different online stores having different designs. Modules, products, customer database and language.
  6. SEO friendly- One of the best features that Opencart offers is that it is an SEO friendly platform which allows your website to get a higher ranking. It boosts the ranking on Google which is beneficial for all the business niches.

Although these features are offered by other e-commerce website development platform when it comes to execution, application, and cost-effectiveness, Opencart outshines other e-commerce website development platform. To explore more about Opencart and its development, contact Indian Opencart Developers today.

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