10 Premium Gift Choices to Make Occasions More Exciting

Premium gifts are unique and presented on special occasions such as celebrating an employee’s promotion at work, housewarming ceremony, wedding, engagement, anniversary etc. These are high-end goods and suited for luxury. If you want to order premium gifts for someone, then we are here to guide you with which gift items are the best as per an occasion or need.

Below mentioned are eye-catchy and interesting options in premium gifts.

  1. Oriental Rugs

The original Oriental rugs have a pristine quality. These come in various sizes, though longer are more common. Such rugs are best for front room and focal areas of a house. Brocade, floral, geometric patterns are common. You can choose an Oriental rug as a premium gift for someone’s housewarming party.

  1. Exotic Gourmet Basket

Give an exotic gourmet basket to your loved ones on special occasions. The basket can contain healthy snacks, royal cheese, dry fruits, a bottle of favourite beverage, sweets, chocolates etc. You can avail classic gourmet baskets from Aryan Florists and send it to a far-away relative.

  1. Carved Stools

Carved stools out of wood and stone are highly regarded and can be gifted to decorate a garden. These stools act as decorative pieces to beautify the space as well as can be taken as a seating. If you want to give a makeover to someone’s garden, carved stool is what you should get.

  1. Victorian Ceramic Vases

Victorian vases are precious and make for beautiful centrepieces for any room. These can be used to hold artificial or natural flowers. Many fill it up with colourful pebbles or scented potpourri. These ceramic vases are especially made to suit the porch, passageway, and the living room.

  1. Fragranced Candles

Luxury fragranced candles are ideal gifts to your dear ones. These can be used for everyday purpose or on special occasions. You can send flower bouquets along with premium fragranced candles to your better-half on marriage or engagement anniversary.

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  1. Plush Bath Set

Gift someone a relaxing bathing experience. A bathing set can include natural body wash, body soap, exfoliants, skin cleanser and bath accessories such as towels, bathrobes, bathroom slippers, shower curtains, bathroom rugs, and a lot more. You can combine bathing items and accessories for gifting it to your close ones.

  1. Box of Traditional Herbs and Spices

Premium herbs and spices are right choice of gifts to someone who likes to cook. Choose a box of assorted herbs and spices containing small packets each of cinnamon, parsley, mint, old bay, cloves, oregano, cilantro, mace, nutmeg, paprika, rosemary, saffron, sage, thyme, basil, chives, etc.

  1. Gift for the Morning Person

A gift box for a morning person contains all the ingredients to keep one happy and awake. The keepsake box can include a packet or herbal tea, coffee bean powder, drinking cup, granola bar, bathing salt, body soap, and a pocket-book of inspirational quotes. It can be chosen as a gift to say thank you or during special occasions such as birthdays, friendship day etc.

  1. Bar Set

Are you going over to a bachelor’s party? Then you can choose a premium bar set. The set will usually include a leather hip flask, ebony ashtray, tumbler, cocktail shaker, serving tray, and a mini bar cart. This is a perfect option for those who like to indulge in beverages, from alcoholic to non-alcoholic drinks.

  1. Wall Murals

Give a stunning design statement to walls with wall murals. These are extraordinary items to refresh a room’s decor. A wall mural can be installed in any room and is different from wallpapers. Gift someone a contemporary mural to fill their room with colour and steadily transform the space into a vibrant focal point.

Choose from any of the mentioned-above premium gift items for him and her, and make their day.

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