Best On-Page SEO Tips – A Complete Guide For SEO Learner

ummary: SEO is the lifeline of businesses today. Without effective SEO, no site can reach its potential customers. This article explores some effective on-page SEO tips that will surely help your website rank high on search engines. It will get indexed fast and search robots will crawl the page content as per keyword query and display it in SERPs or search engine result pages.

 Before we delve deep into on-page SEO techniques, let us first understand the two terms we often hear and that are on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page as the name suggests are those practices that are followed on the web pages, including the design, content and code. These make the web pages more relevant for end users, and this is what matters most to search engines.

Off-page on the other hand are those SEO activities or techniques that are implemented outside the website. These are basically website promotional methods.

On Page SEO is an art, and also a science, that makes the search engine robots crawl to your pages as per the targeted keywords and demographics. It is important to mention that with every major update in search algorithms declared by the search engine major Google, things change, techniques change, strategies change.

However, an understanding of the SEO to dos helps in following the basics and making modifications as per change in SEO algorithms. This is how experienced SEO experts working in a SEO company in noida do their job. Here are a few tips for you to follow and make the most out of on-page SEO.

On-Page SEO Tips to Boost the Traffic of Your Website

Meta Title Tag: Use keyword in the beginning of a Meta Title tag so that it is visible in search results. Also search engines give more importance to such pages. The title also tells the users what the page is about.

URL Optimization: While making URLs, make sure they are readable and easy to understand. Jumbled words, jargons, and too long URLs are not welcome by search engines.

Modifiers: Keyword modifiers are small words that act as a prefix or suffix to the primary keyword. Some examples are Find, coolest, scam, cheap, review, year (2017), best, tips, etc. are some such words, which should be added to the keywords for better visibility.

Heading Tags: Use the H1 tag in the content title. This is a useful and effective tip to make the page visible and indexed fast. The subheads should be used in H2 tags.

Keyword usage: The first paragraph must be usually within 70 to 100 words, and this is the place where your keyword should appear for the first time. Keywords must not be over used in the content.

Using images: Images relevant to content always help users stay on page for more time. However, take care to use such media, which will not kill time of viewers by slow loading, as this often acts reverse in creating popularity.

Responsive design: Such design is the key to hold your visitors on to the page for long. If your visitors cannot find the page view comfortable enough on the device they are viewing it on, then they will most likely flee. Non-responsive site designs are not even picked up as the first choice by search engines.

Internal linking: Linking your own pages on the site internally to each other always helps. It makes the search engine look inside and dig out content and flash on searches. Moreover, it shows you know what you have there on your pages.

Load Time: Ensure that your site loads fast. There is really no market for slow loading commercial and informative pages unless it’s a gov or edu site with no other alternative.

LSI keywords: Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are the ones that are semantically related to the primary keyword. Many of the pages are detected and judged by Google based on the LSI keywords. Hence try to use as much LSI keywords as possible while placing them uniformly and naturally.

Social Media: Never forget the Social Media button implementation. That’s the lifeline of today’s On-page SEO and marketing.

Other than these tips, the usage of informative, useful, meaningful and relevant content with quality always matters, and makes you shine in the competition.

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